18 May, 2022

Co-op “Convenience Store” for Whitfield,

The Dover Society, is opposing the planning application for the
new Co-op “Convenience Store” at Whitfield and has plenty of allies.
The idea is that the proposed store be sited, in Archers Court Road, opposite the turning to Cranleigh Drive, in the village.
There have been a number of people warning that a shop at this location will create traffic problems. And, it is argued, it’s in the wrong place.
Opposition to the project, on the proposed site, also comes from Whitfield Parish Council and many residents living in the area. There were 23 objections to the scheme and 0 in favour.
Many of the objectors say a new shop would be welcome but it should be provided where scores of new homes are under construction in the village.
One objector has suggested whoever selected the planned site for the store had never even visited the village.
The “convenience store” will have 2627 sq feet of sales area, 1310 sq feet of storage area and a large forecourt with 20 customer parking spaces and delivery unloading zone
Proposed opening is from 7 am to 10 pm
They estimate between 7 am and 7 pm the no. of vehicles arriving at the store would be 430 with 1202 people shopping.
No figures were given for between 7 pm and 10 pm

Alan Lee

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