18 May, 2022

Latest Planning Applications

Week ending 4th December 2020
Keeping you up to date in the planning world
An Abbreviated list of the planning applications concerning Dover will be posted here each week. They can be viewed in full, along with all other district applications on the D.D.C. Planning Portal on this link;


This is also where you can comment on any application, as an individual, if you so wish.

Watch the meetings live; on a Laptop, Desktop Device, Mobile Phone or Smart Device.

A link will be published on the page for the planning meeting on the Council’s website. You should join anonymously. When the meeting starts you will be let in. Always follow the instructions on screen.

The following are brief details of registered planning applications in Dover for the forthcoming week;

20/01352     65 Folkestone Road

Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) to allow changes to the parking undercroft for the installation of a lift and alteration to stairwell of planning permission DOV/18/01021 (application under Section 73)

20/01355     Westmount Education Centre 80 Folkestone Road

Installation of a 264kW ground mounted photovoltaic solar array

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