4 December, 2023

The Committee


Derek Leach OBE


Jeremy Cope, Sheila Cope, Patricia Hooper-Sherratt, Joan Liggett, Mike McFarnell, Patrick Sherratt, Jonathan Sloggett, Terry Sutton, Christine Waterman and Mike Weston.


  • Chairman – Jenny Olpin
  • Vice-Chairman – Graham Margery
  • Honorary Secretary – Carol Duffield
  • Honorary Treasurer – Jane Jones
  • Membership Secretary – Ann Burke
  • Editor – Alan Lee
  • Advertising Secretary – Jean Marsh
  • Environment Committee Chair – Janet Dagys (Ex-officio)
  • Planning and Local Government Committee Joint Chair – Graham Margery & Ann Burke
  • Webmaster – Alan Lee
  • Winter Social Secretary – Lyn Smith
  • Ecological and Other Projects – Deborah Gasking
  • Plaques – Martyn Webster
  • Executive Members – Lesley Easton, Derek Leach, Alan Sencicle, Patrick Sherratt, Mike Weston

Non-Executive Roles (ex-officio)Media Officer – Terry Sutton MBE

Environment Committee Chair – Janet Dagys
Summer Social Secretary – Rodney Stone
Email Communications – Jeremy Cope
Minutes Secretary – Carol Duffield
Deputy Web Master – Mike McFarnell
Raffle: – Denise Lee

Planning and Local Government Committee:
Joint Chair – Graham Margery & Ann Burke
Committee Members – Jacqui Axford, Sandra Conlon, Stephen Horne, Mike Weston.

Environment Committee:
Chair – Janet Dagys
Members – James Benjafield, Jeremy Cope, Carol Duffield, Lesley Easton, Ben Elsey, Deborah Gasking, Mary Margery, Mike McFarnell, and Michael Jukes

Editorial and Production Team:
 – Alan Lee
Proof Readers
 – John Morgan, Terry Sutton, Ann Tomalak
Advertising Secretary
 – Jean Marsh
Distribution Organiser, Envelopes and Labels
– Jeremy Cope & Sheila Cope
Newsletter Area Distributors
– Jane Allcock, Chris Blackburn, Claire Bond, Tony Bones, Martyn Burton, Christopher Collings, Jeremy Cope, Sheila Cope, Deborah Gasking, Jean Luckhurst, John Morgan,  Denise Smith, D Stone, R Stone, Francis Sykes, Clive Taylor, Angela Upton, Barry Vaughan, John Widgery