4 July, 2020

Refurbishment Committee

October 2018 Update

Langdon Cliffs

The past few months have seen our Refurbishment members busy discussing the forthcoming visit by our Dover District Council Portfolio Holder for Tourism, Cllr. M J Holloway. We were not disappointed. His visit, presentation and subsequent discussion was so energetic and informative it was refreshing to hear of the positive, cross party plans that included funding for a new

Tourism Team. We are looking forward to sharing the new thinking with you as the Tourism Team develops and publishes its strategy in a few months time not only for the Dover District but particularly, of course, for Dover.

Refurbishment have also progressed in their efforts to improve the signage for Dover Castle on the ER32 Right of Way from Langdon Cliffs through to Upper Road. We are working in partnership with Cllr Pam Brivio of the Walkers are Welcome initiative and Neil McCullum of English Heritage in hoping to give our visitors directions for an alternative access to the Castle.

Litter issues are our very much our main business and contact has been made to our local authority regarding rubbish outside the old Sainsbury building, Guston lay-by and Limekiln Street. Litter management has taken Refurbishment into enquiring of our local stores their policies on plastic. Our Refurbishment member Mike McFarnell is leading on this and is currently in contact with Tesco and is looking to compare their activity in reducing the use of plastic. Hopefully members will support us on this and any help with this initiative will always be welcome!

We are planning for our October meeting with Chief Inspector Mark Weller at Dover Police Station. Items for discussion are rough sleepers, drunkenness and anti-social language. I will feedback in our March issue.

Meanwhile we continue with our monthly Refurbishment agenda that includes the appearance of the town, cleanliness and litter, highways and pathways and anti-social behaviour.